The CollegeTracker demo is the product. What you see when the demo is used online or downloaded to your computer to review is what the product offers. Please feel free to logon and test out CollegeTracker at your convenience.

If you have download issues or questions, please contact us for more information.

Thanks for trying CollegeTracker.

Online Demo - Instructions

After the Login.jsp is displayed, use these values for 'User Name' and 'Password':

  • User Name: admin@ct
  • Password: cttesting

  • If after logging in, the CT Demo appears to be missing buttons and images, etc, there could be an issue with the Internet Service Provider. In this case, open a NEW Internet Browser and copy/paste the following URL into the Browswers address:
The program also includes the ability to have automated online Applications for your college. Use the following sample form which will submit information to our demonstration server.
Click on this link to fill in a sample application.
Test Application
Test Contact
Test Log on