CollegeTracker automates time-consuming administrative tasks for faculty and administration of small colleges, enabling staff to be more productive and students to enjoy a better customer experience. The CollegeTracker solution is a web-based application, enabling flexible deployment and system management alternatives for our clients. Whether organizations choose the on-premise or hosted deployment option, only a web-browser is required for end-users (students, faculty, and staff) to access and use the system.

The CollegeTracker application provides many features small colleges need most including:

  • Extensive pre-built reports and graphs
  • Room scheduling
  • Maintenance of class history
  • Student history
  • Faculty history
  • Donor contribution and contact tracking information
  • Volunteer and contact tracking information
  • Grade entry and calculation for faculty
  • Transcripts
  • Report cards and on-line course survey

CollegeTracker has been developed in close cooperation with our initial clients, ensuring usability and correct prioritization of features implemented in the packaged solution. As organizations continue to grow and change, the CollegeTracker application will continue to be enhanced to meet those requirements.

CollegeTracker Documentation

The following Acrobat Reader files will give you a brief idea of the capabilities available to various groups of users.
Step By Step Guide
Assignment Entry
Teacher Guide
Student Guide
Functional Areas
Assignment Creation

CollegeTracker Example Pages

The following images are example screen shots of College Tracker.

Login Home Page Student List Edit Student Edit Student - cont Calendar Report List (Partial) Example Report Example Graph


Client computer

  • Internet Browser – RECOMMENDED: Internet Explorer version 7+, Chrome 31+, or Firefox 26+