College Tracker delivers excellent solution value to small colleges by delivering on the vision of leveraging open-source tools and BR Solutions domain expertise and innovation.

Below is a quick snapshot of what our customers are saying about CollegeTracker:

College Tracker helps us avoid hours of needless data entry duplication every semester. It’s great to be able to e-mail all the students in any of my classes. This program is powerful. In my role as instructor, I can track attendance and assignments for all my classes. I can communicate with my classes and individual students via e-mail. I can check any student’s grade any time. And at the end of the semester, College Tracker computes my grades and submits them directly to our Registrar. Our administrative tasks are streamlined thanks to College Tracker.”
- Ryan Ward, Recruitment Coordinator

College Tracker saves me hours in grading each semester. College Tracker is very user friendly in its set up and usage. It has allowed us to reduce personnel hours in every department.”
- Gale Heide, Dean

It took nearly 4 days for us to put in all the grades for all the students and print report cards. With College Tracker, we finished this task in half a day before lunch.”
- Jen Lundstrum, Registrar


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